‘Shock is etched on the faces of everyone in Dromore’

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The community of Dromore has been shocked to its core after a 66-year-old man was arrested in the village this morning (Tuesday) in connection to the deaths of three local women over a 11-year period.

That was the asessment of Dromore Councillor Carol Black following the news that a man had been arrested in Dromore in connection to the deaths of Michelle Bickerstaff (47), Margaret Weise (50) and 52-year-old Elizabeth McKee.

The three women died in April 2012, August 2007 and December 2002 respectively.

“The shock is etched on the faces of everyone in Dromore,” she said. “I knew all the women. They were bubbly women with a lot to look forward to. The whole community cannot believe it.”

Jeffery Donaldson MP said the town had been rocked by the news. “Dromore is one of the oldest towns in Northern Ireland. And I don’t think in its entire history has anything like this ever happened before,” he explained.