Sheila left disappointed as Alliance veteran misses out on council seat

It was a disappointing election for Alliance’s Sheila McQuaid who will bow out as councillor next year after getting only 579 votes at the recent election.

NI21 candidate Emma Hutchinson who only got 371 votes may well have impacted on the votes for the Alliance Party, something that may have cost Councillor McQuaid the council seat on the new ABC supercouncil.

Mrs McQuaid who will continue to work as a councillor until next year has been a member with the Alliance Party for over 40 years.

She has vowed to continue to work with people helping them deal with ‘bread and butter’ issues.

“I am disappointed with the result but we live in a democracy and I respect that process,” she said.

“It is a pity more people did not come out to vote.

“Overall in NI Alliance did well, 8 per cent of the votes our highest ever.

“Until more people come out to vote it will continue to be the same old same old.

“They will be the same people complaining about the council but these are the same ones who refuse to go out and vote.”

She went onto say, “Too many people are blinded with green and orange issues of politics.

“We should be tackling issues like foodbanks and rising debts.

“People should be using the government to help them,”