Sectarian attacks on memorials must stop, PUP say

The Progressive Unionist Party has urged leading Republican representatives in the community to prevent attacks on memorials.

The call came as the party condemned an attack at Dunbar’s Bridge last week where sectarian graffiti was daubed on a memorial plaque.

A party spokesperson said, “Here we have another example of what are becoming regular sectarian attacks on memorials across Northern Ireland.

“This type of attack is symptomatic of a growing hatred towards the unionist community and this is further highlighted by the republican graffiti beside the defaced memorial.”

“A shared future requires respect for all cultures yet attacks continue on memorials plaques and Orange halls.

“These attacks must stop and I would ask politicians and community representatives in republican neighbourhoods to demonstrate leadership and condemn these attacks and ask those responsible to stop.”

The party has also urged the PSNI consider how they can better patrol areas where there is a higher risk of this type of attack and added that those responsible should face the full rigour of the law.