Search the scriptures for shelter

IT was a beautiful hot sunny day and we were sitting on a grass area near to the beach having a picnic, writes Myrtle Beggs

Everyhting was most pleasant and enjoyable. My grandchildren were enjoying themselves, playing games and frolicking on the grass.

Other families were on the sand, some building sandcastles and others splashing about in the water. What a scene of blissful joy and happiness, but all this was to change in a very short time as I noticed a dark cloud in the distance. I knew what was to come.

The vast majority of people either did not see the cloud or did not care.

However as the cloud approached, I and a few others packed up and took our picnic stuff back to the car.

Suddenly very large spots of rain hit our car followed by a downpour.

As the beach and the grass area was speedily vacated I could hear a woman call to her children: “Get to the car quickley because there is no shelter here.”

I thought to myself, ‘What a statement! What solemn, spiritual lessons can be learned here!’

Some people think that life is just a jolly time and will go on without their pleasant lifestyle being interrupted. Others foot themselves by thinking their sins are not so bad after all. Yet whether we consider the rich or those less fortunate, the dark clouds of divine judgement are gathering and soon will pour out God’s wrath upon all.

The world has rejected God and the gift of his son Jesus Christ. Read John 3 v16, Timothy 1 v15, John 1 v11.

God will deal with this world because of their rejection of his son. Just as I noticed the dark cloud in the sky and others were unconcerned so with the reading of the prophetic scriptures.

These clearly indicate that the return of Christ to the air to rapture his people away to heaven in an event that is not too far away.

Dear reader, are you concerned as to where you will find a shelter? Or will you realise too late ‘There is no shelter here’?

Remember those who lived in the days of Noah were warned about the coming flood but they rejected the shelter of the ark and only eight sould were saved.

The Lord Jesus Christ bore the punishment for our sins when he died upon the cross and all who trust him for eternal salvation will find in him a shelter from God’s judgement. Read Isaiah ch 32 v2.

I love to hear the lovely hymn, sung just think of the words. The Lord is my rock, in him I hidde, a shelter in the time of storm! Secure whatever ill betide; a shelter in the time of storm! A shade by day, defence by night, a shelter in the time of storm! No fears alarm, no foes affright; a shelter in a time of storm! The ragin storms may round me beat, a shelter in the time of storm! I’ll never leave my safe retreat! A shelter in the time of storm! O rock devine, O refuge clear, A shelter in the time of storm! Be thou my helper ever near, a shelter in the time of storm!

O Jesus is a rock in a weary land! A shelter in the time of storm!

Dear reader, make sure you have him as your eternal shelter, because there is no shelter here.

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