Scientist John speaks to beekeepers

Dr John McMullan recently addressed Dromore Beekeepers’ Association on “Nosema & Acarine, a broad perspective”

An experienced beekeeper and bee scientist, John pointed out that there is a strong relationship between environment, available forage, management and bee diseases. A colony in a damp shaded area, with little natural forage and managed badly is always more susceptible to disease.

John divided his talk into three sections; the first dealt with environment and management, the second with Nosema and the third with Acarine.

On Nosema, he dealt with the two strains currently present in Ireland and the prevention, management and treatment of this condition.

In dealing with Acarine, John pointed out that because of the widespread use of products containing Thymol to control Varroa, Acarine was not currently a problem. He warned, though, that, as a consequence, bees were not developing or maintaining their resistance to Acarine.

There will be no Dromore meeting in December and at the January meeting the BBC Gardeners’ Corner, “Any Questions” programme will be recorded.