Schoolhouse landmark may be demolished

It’s a landmark loved by many, but under plans currently being proposed by the Department for Regional Development, the old Mullan’s Corner Schoolhouse could be demolished.

Situated on the A1 dual carriageway just south of Dromore, a large tree now grows out of the derelict structure but despite its condition, it has become something of a local landmark with a little bit of history attached to it, for it’s believed Joseph Scriven famous for penning the words of the hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’, taught at the schoolhouse.

The Roads Service is developing plans for the improvements in response to safety concerns on the carriageway and these include fly-over type junctions at several points, including the Gowdystown Road and one of the three options proposed for the design of this junction would see the old schoolhouse tumbled.

With most people wanting safety issues prioritised, readers on Facebook are nonetheless reluctant to see the old schoolhouse destroyed. While some feel the structure is just a ruin, others feel it is of some historic value even going so far as to question why the tourist board hasn’t taken action. Neil Scott said: “It should be conserved and transformed into a tourist attraction. It was the school Joseph Scriven taught in and he is a bit of a hero in Canada. Where is the joined up thinking in the Banbridge Tourist office?”

Roads Service is asking for views and comments can be emailed to