School’s new team of junior journalists first with the facts

DROMORE High School has established its very own Public Relations team of budding journalists to inform pupils, parents and wider local populace of the latest news from the school.

The team’s own Luke Mcilwaine-Douglas reported, “A group of enthusiastic Year 13 pupils, the PR team works all week reporting news from around the school, whether it is an event, club or other experience, and ensuring that coverage is available to members of the school and the wider public.

“The majority of the articles are decided upon at our Tuesday planning meeting; however, unexpected opportunities do arise and the PR team members endeavour to be the first people at the action.”

The new team is co-ordinated by Mrs. Ravey, assisted by Miss McMurran.

Another member, Gareth McClune, spoke of the benefits of the team and his enjoyment in being a part of it.

“I enjoy being part of the PR team as we get to promote our school and the things that are happening in it,” he said. “I believe that it is beneficial because people reading the articles get to know what’s happening in Dromore High School, the achievements of the school and its individual members.”

Luke added, “There is no doubt that the team will be a fantastic addition to the school keeping everyone in the community up to date with what we are doing on a weekly basis.”