Scarva’s tourism potential highlighted

The tourism potential of Scarva has been emphasised to the Economy Minister by an Upper Bann MLA.

Sydney Anderson said that the area had huge potential, highlighting the Royal Black Demonstration and Sham Fight on the Thirteenth “which attracts an attendance of up to approximately 100,000 people.”

Mr Anderson said: “I was particularly encouraged that Minister Hamilton made clear his belief that Scarva has huge tourist potential.

“The Minister stated that in the 2015-16 financial year, Tourism NI backed the event for the first time with funding of £20,000, with a further £15,000 this year because of the significant potential that exists.”

He added: “I welcome that the Minister informed me that he wants to see the potential of the Thirteenth developed further in the future with infrastructure, particularly around car parking and perhaps seating for the event, as well as trying to attract tour buses to get people to Scarva for the day.

“Moving forward Minister Hamilton stated that he looks forward to working with the Royal Black Institution to take forward the Thirteenth in the future.

“As a local political representative it is always positive to see executive ministers recognising the success stories and potential for further development that exists within our local area and it is clear that the Demonstration and Sham Fight at Scarva is one of the biggest events in the Northern Ireland calendar.

“I now look forward to working with all key stakeholders so that we can attempt to make the Thirteenth at Scarva an even bigger and better in the years ahead.”