Safety concerns at Ashfield play park

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigaovn Borough Council has moved to allay concerns over health and safety at a play park in Ashfield, Dromore.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 7:13 am
Ashfield play park.

A bench has been installed in the play park but the concrete mount it is attached to has been left raised a couple of inches off the grass.

One man said he has already witnessed a child almost trip and hurt themselves on the concrete.

Matthew Gilchrist said: “They put a park bench in that I witnessed first hand a child running up to their parent, sitting on the bench but almost tripping before hand.

The park bench in Ashfield play park which has caused healthy and safety concerns.

“That would have left them with a split head at least.”

Further complaints have been made that the play park resembles a silage field, with all the grass that has been cut and left there.

According to residents the amount of grass left over is such that the children are strugglnig to play in the park without tripping over.

Ryan Black said: “All joking aside though there’s a child just came out of it stung to bits and people tripping out over the grass.

The park bench in Ashfield play park which has caused healthy and safety concerns.

“I’ve seen less hay in hay fields. Pathetic the way this park is looked after.”

According to Matthew, the play park is used regularly by residents in Ashfield.

He said: “I have two kids and my sisters and brothers have another nine kids that use the park, not to mention the other kids that use it.

“There is a couple that bring their dog into the park that poops and with the grass/silage all over the place you can’t see the poop.

“The council have put dog fouling signs up a couple of weeks ago but it’s still going on.”

The council has said it will seek to resolve the issues in the near future.

A council spokesperson said: “The Technical services department will address these issues as soon as possible. The grass will be recut and removed and the concrete mount for the bench will be altered so as to not prove to be a trip hazard.”