Royal Mail starts recruitment drive

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Royal Mail has launched a drive to recruit temporary workers across the UK to help sort its Christmas mailbag, including around 430 temporary roles in Northern Ireland.

Temporary positions across a variety of shifts will be available between mid November and early January 2015.

The peak of the additional temporary work will be in December.

The majority of seasonal positions will support Royal Mail’s permanent 124,000 postmen and women who sort and deliver the mail all year round.

Parcelforce Worldwide is also looking for drivers and indoor workers as the whole organisation gears up to delivery at Christmas which is the busiest time of the year for everyone working in the postal service.

The recruits will work in mail and distribution centres to help to sort Christmas cards and parcels before they go to around 1,400 delivery offices for postmen and women to take out on their rounds. Royal Mail Group’s express parcels business, Parcelforce Worldwide, is also recruiting extra people throughout the UK.

Royal Mail has set up a dedicated website for people to apply for the positions –

Michael Kennedy, Royal Mail Director of Northern Ireland Operations., said: “Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Royal Mail and we plan all year round to help ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Every Christmas, we make a substantial financial commitment in additional resources to handle the festive mailbag, including the recruitment of thousands of temporary workers.”