Royal Black District No.6 says thanks

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Banbridge Royal Black District No. 6, which hosted the annual County Down Royal Black Demonstration in the town on August 31, has thanked everyone who take part in the event.

A spokesperson for the district No.6 said, “We would like to publicly thank all those who helped in any way to assist us in making this marvellous cultural event the success that it was.

“We would like to thank the tourism and technical departments of Banbridge District Council for providing much needed help in the run up and on the day itself. We greatly appreciate their assistance.


“We commend the local councillors who were very enthusiastic and recognized the potential benefit to local businesses in the town. It was estimated that 50,000 visitors converged on the town on the day.”

The PSNI, Translink and St John’s Ambulance service volunteers were also praised, along with town traders and County officers and stall-holders.

The spokesperson added, “Lastly we would like to thank the members of Banbridge Royal Black District Chapter No.6 who volunteered their time.

“Banbridge Royal Black District Chapter No.6 is very proud of our town.”