Ristretto raises £3,000 for cancer charity

BANBRIDGE based artisan coffee roasters Ristretto have raised £3000 for the Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF).

Ristretto owners Gregg Radcliffe and Mark Anderson raised double their target amount for local people affected by cancer by donating 10p per cup of coffee sold in a selection of cafes across Northern Ireland over the August bank holiday weekend, and through a sponsored Mourne Wall walk.

Suzi McIlwain, Community Fundraising Officer, UCF said, “A super huge thank you to Ristretto and all cafes who were involved in this province-wide coffee fundraiser. Gregg, Mark and Michelle from Ristretto have done a great job in rallying cafes to support UCF, and raising the amazing sum of £3000 for the Ulster Cancer Foundation.”

“Cancer continues to have a major impact on the health of people in Northern Ireland - currently 55,000 families are affected by cancer and every year about 11,200 local people are newly diagnosed with the disease. UCF’s role is to make that time of stress a little more bearable by providing a range of care services for cancer patients and their families during this difficult time.”

“To continue our great work we need to raise nearly £4m each year from the general public here in Northern Ireland, so Ristretto’s fundraising success is very important to us, and greatly appreciated.”

UCF is a local charity committed to tackling cancer by supporting research into cancer, providing services for cancer patients and their families and by supporting people as they reduce their risk of the disease. All funds raised for UCF are spent locally and help support people with cancer in Northern Ireland.