Resurfacing work prompts complaints

Ashgrove Avenue Banbridge � Edward Byrne Photography INB1438-288EB
Ashgrove Avenue Banbridge � Edward Byrne Photography INB1438-288EB

Residents of Ashgrove Avenue in Banbridge say they are unhappy with resurfacing work which, they claim, took months to complete.

Disabled pensioner Jim Cassells claims he and his neighbours are concerned about the the work.

Ironically Jim, 85, worked with the Roads Committee of the Antrim County Council, many years ago, over seeing repairs.

He said: “From my experience there is no doubt that the job has not been finished and several areas need to be examined carefully and the Roads Service demand that the contract be finished to the satisfaction of ratepayers.”

He continued: “Some parts of the footpath have not been resurfaced.

“Near number 46 grass is growing through and the surface is cracked and uneven.

“The entrances to driveways are not ramped properly or in line with the gates.”

He added: “The contract was carried out on an occasional day basis which led to delays and poor joining up of surface levels.

“The contractor has a very good repuation so I don’t understand why this local contract has not been up to the usual high standard.”

Speaking on the matter MLA Jo-Anne Dobson said: “Last Thursday, following contact from residents, I organised for officials from Roads Service to meet on site at Ashgrove Avenue with a group of residents alongside myself.

“They had contacted my office to raise concerns about the poor quality of the finished resurfacing of the footpaths within the estate.

“We walked around the estate and observed numerous areas where attention is required to address the concerns of residents which relate to unsealed joints, uneven surfaces, incorrectly leveled entrances to driveways and poor quality kerb stones.

“I have since written directly to Roads Service in support of the residents’ concerns to ask that these are put right as a matter of urgency and will continue to liaise with residents until all issues have been fully resolved.”

Councillor Sheila McQuaid also met residents to hear their concerns.

She said: “Some residents have lived here for many years and take great pride in their homes. Residents say there was no need to touch pavements as they say they were fine and now they have been left patched.

“Water can’t run down to the gulleys and is collecting in their driveways.”

A Department for Regional Development spokesperson commented: “We are aware of the concerns raised on behalf of local residents by Ms Dobson and they will be fully investigated.”