Residential home staff are praised

SKEAGH House staff have won widespread praise for their professional handling of last week’s unexpected evacuation,

Among those to applaud staff were Dromore Councillor Paul Rankin and Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale.

He said, “I met with fellow DUP representatives at Skeagh House, including the Health Minister and the local MP Jeffrey Donaldson, as well as representatives from the Trust.

“I would take the opportunity, on behalf of Mrs Brenda Hale and myself, to praise the manager, Mrs Cromie, her staff and the families who reacted so speedily in this emergency situation.

“Mrs Hale and I will continue to liaise and work with our party colleagues to try ensure that the questions which are being asked at this time in regard to liability are satisfactorily answered.

“The prime importance is the wellbeing of the residents and we are pleased that other local homes, such as Crozier, Iveagh and Mountvale, have been able to assist.

“We want to see the necessary steps taken so the residents can safely return to Skeagh House and we also need answers in regards to the liability issues, which have resulted in a number of families having to leave their homes at Barban Hill Terrace.

“Those with concerns are invited to contact Mrs Brenda Hale’s Dromore office on 028 9269 8866 and we will do our utmost to offer assistance and advice.”