Resident speaks against Kinallen traffic calming

Objections have been raised to proposed traffic calming measures along Kinallen’s Banbridge Road.

Tuesday, 30th December 2014, 8:01 am

The DRD said the measures had been proposed following requests from the public and elected representatives

In the interests of road safety, a spokesperson said, measures would include enhanced road markings with a series of four road humps, three speed cushions and one raised table.

The statement said: “Traffic volumes and collisions involving personal injury have contributed to this assessment score.

“In addition, a survey of traffic speeds carried out during the assessment process indicated that 15% of vehicles were travelling in excess of 35mph within an area subject to a 30mph limit”.

However, one Kinallen resident, who asked not to be named, has expressed his concerns about the plans.

Questioning how Transport NI could justify the measures within the rural, mountainous hamlet, he said: “I feel that this has been an attempt of local councillors to try and force Transport NI into providing traffic calming within areas that would never, never meet the criteria that is used to score such proposals.

“I feel that the low vehicle numbers passing through the Kinallen hamlet would be nowhere near the numbers of vehicles along any of the busy roads passing through the surrounding towns of Banbridge, Dromore, or Dromara.

“Within Kinallen, there has only ever been one collision and this was due to a drunk driver in 2011.

“Transport NI claim that we have 15% of drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit but I feel that this is incorrect given that the majority of traffic within the summer months is agricultural, accounting for approximately 30-40%, and would only be capable of doing 20-25mph.”

The resident went on to say he felt the measures would be detrimental.

“The installation of the raised table will have treacherous results for many of the rural communities who have to tow trailers up the hill,” he said, “ and there are multiple speed humps that will have deafening effects on local residents as multiple agricultural machinery is passing through the Kinallen Community.

“This will also create a financial burden to those who have to travel over these daily, as road humps will cause excess wear and tear on vehicles and will create costly repair bills.”