Relay committee expresses thanks

THE Iveagh Cinema was host to a concert by Derek Ryan, a Country and Western star, featuring well known performers such as Ann Breen and Donna Ward., writes Roseanna Gibbons.

The raffle raised £300 and was given to Banbridge Relay for Life.

The relay’s committee would like to express their thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of people such organizers of the concert, the hard work of teams entering the relay, the continuing generosity and support by sponsors and the organizing ability of the relay committee, They would also like wish Derek every success in his career.

Banbridge district have raised a staggering £324,774.51 since the first local event in 2006.

In Northern Ireland 140 people are diagnosed with cancer each week. Half of the top 30 most useful cancer drugs originated from Cancer Research UK and over £200,000,000 is spent on Cancer Research in Northern Ireland.

If you want to contribute to helping beat cancer it is possible to do so in January 2012 by signing up to take part in the next Relay for Life in Banbridge. Further information can be obtained from Marjorie Dale (028)04627762 or Doreen McBride (O28)40623782.