Readers have their say on appointments

Leader readers have been having their say after Sinn Fein launched an online survey asking people in Upper Bann to share their experience of getting an appointment with their GP.

The Leader posed the same question on Facebook and the reactions were mixed.

Some people said they have had to wait two weeks for an appointment at Banbridge GP surgery , however, others said they can always get an emergency appointment when they really need it.

“I’ve a seriously ill daughter and if she needs a doctor I always find Banbridge surgery will fit her in and she will be seen that day,” said Joann Clydesdale. Emma McLaughlin commented: “Banbridge doctors I always get an appointment if I ring at 8am, always get a cancellation and if not the doctor rings me back within a hour.”

“Banbridge doc is good when you have sick children.. but not good if you’re looking appointment for adult you can wait up to 2weeks for one,” observed Nadine Ann Baird.

Kathryn Elizabeth Wilson has not had a good experience when trying to contact the local GP. “It takes at least two weeks to get an appointment and when I had to ring for an emergency appointment last week it took me, wait for it, 84 calls before I managed to get through to the receptionist.”

Kim McVeigh commented: “A long wait in Banbridge. Never appointments available when you need them and is a week wait.”

Sandra Smylie added: “When I need an appointment in Banbridge I just go up and sit and wait and almost every time I get seen to within the hour.”

As well as the main surgery in Banbridge, people have also been sharing their views of other local surgeries.

“Scarva Street surgery in Loughbrickland is brilliant for getting an appointment. Two days has been the latest for me,” said Tasha Curran.

In Dromore, the views are less positive, however,

“Dromore Dr surgery is diabolical too! You now need to know 2-3 weeks in advance your gonna be sick before u can get an appointment.”

The survey can be ac-cessed through Sinn Fein’s Facebook account at Upper-bann Sinn Féin or by visiting