Rathfriland Road closure ‘for the safety of the local clubbers’ say PSNI


The safety of people leaving the Belmont Hotel is the reason given by police for closing part of the Rathfriland Road when night clubbers are leaving the establishment.

Local people have been questionning why police resources are being used to close the road late at night, causing inconvenience to some.

One Facebook user on the Banbridge Saints and Sinners page wrote: “Have the police nothing better to do than closing roads and standing about when they could be doing motorists for disturbing the peace and being a nuisance?”

A spokesperson for police said: “In order to ensure the safety of patrons leaving a local nightclub, police close a short section of the Rathfriland Road between Maryville Park and Summerhill.

“This closure is necessary to ensure the safety of members of the public leaving the nightclub and also police officers on duty in the area.

“The policing arrangements for the area, and the necessity for the road closure, are continually reviewed.

“The road is closed for a very short period of time and local access for residents is facilitated where possible during the closure.”