Rally call to unite against drugs

A call has been made for Banbridge to stage an anti-drugs rally, following the suspected drugs-related death of Matthew Dougan.

Speaking to the Leader Chairman of the Cline Road Community Association Ian McCandless said he was keen for a rally in Banbridge to highlight the community’s stand against those causing problems in the district.

“I challenge the local authorities to sit down with us and organise a rally in the town,”explained Ian.

“As well as the rally we could have people from the relevant agencies giving out advice about the dangers of drugs and there could be a police presence so people could talk to them about issues concerning them in the area,” he said.

Ian said that a positive meeting of the community association was held last week and he is positive that with the help of local authorities, councillors and MLAs the stand against drugs campaign could be successful.

“We’ve been assured we will get the support we need - let’s just see if it happens,” said Ian.

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