Pupils’ ‘gold standard’ results

Pupils at Rathfriland High School reached a ‘gold standard’ level of results in their GCSEs, a delighted Principal MCCullough has said.

Wednesday, 28th August 2013, 10:05 am

Mrs McCullough continued, “We are justly proud of the high performance by all our students, with a staggering 97% of all pupils achieving the gold standard of 5+ A* - C. This has been an exceptional year, justly rewarding the hard work of the pupils, the dedication of the staff and very positive parental support.” A number of pupils who achieved significant results are: Rebecca Priestly 8A*s, 2As, 1Bs, James Frazer 6A*s, 4As, Stacie Magill 6A*s, 2As, 3Bs; Katherine Gamble 4A*, 6A; Hannah Skelly 4A*, 5As; Gemma Truesdale 4A*, 5A, 1B; Mark Kinley and Wendy Moorhead 4A*s, 3As, 4Bs; Steven Bready 3A*s, 7As.