PSNI encourage victims of domestic abuse to make 2016 a year of change


Following on from the PSNI’s Domestic Abuse Christmas Campaign, police in South Area are encouraging victims of domestic abuse to make 2016 a year of change.

The focus of the Christmas campaign was, ‘domestic abuse is wrong, pick up the phone and make it stop’.

Police in South Area want this momentum to continue and want to encourage victims to continue coming forward and reporting.

Superintendent Simon Walls said: “No one deserves to be abused. It is wrong and we want to help all victims end the cycle of abuse.

“Domestic abuse is a terrifying crime which can affect anyone, regardless of their background, economic status, class or gender.

“Abuse can make you feel helpless, isolated and alone but please be assured that you are not and that we are here to help you,” Superintendent Walls added.

“It only takes the small step of picking up the phone and contacting us and we will be able to offer you support.

“As the Police Service of Northern Ireland, it is our job to keep people safe.

“Our role is about prevention, protection and prosecution – to prevent further violence, to protect the victim, children and other vulnerable people and to facilitate the prosecution of offenders.

“We work closely with our partner agencies to ensure the victims get the help they deserve, to highlight the issue of Domestic Abuse and to explore ways in which we can keep communities safer.

“No one has to suffer in silence, please help us to stop abuse and phone us on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”