PROSTITUTES are operating from a house close to the centre of Banbridge, it has been claimed.

A local resident contacted the Leader to express disgust at the situation and has called on police to take action.

"Men are calling at the house day and night and they even have a video camera in the window," said the resident, who did not wish to be named.

When the Leader contacted the police about the resident's concerns they said they have no knowledge of prostitutes operating in that area.

"Police are not aware of such activity in this area," said a PSNI spokesperson.

"But we would ask that if anyone has any information about this or any illegal activity, to report it to their local police so that it can be investigated."

The Leader has also received reports of prostitutes operating from a house in a development a short distance from the centre of Banbridge.

Banbridge DUP councillor Jim McElroy has said it is worrying that the town is becoming more and more linked with the sex trade.

"This is not the first time we have heard reports of prostitutes operating in the town and something must be done to stamp this out," he said.

"Especially now when they appear to have set up their seedy business just off the main shopping area in Banbridge. This is an area where families come to shop and they should not run the risk of seeing men calling at brothels.

"The police need to get a real grip on this and move to stamp it out, we have CCTV operating in this area and I think every effort should be made to identify the people behind this and shut their disgusting business down for good."

Last year the Leader reported on how prostitutes had included Banbridge on a sleazy sex circuit which saw them travelling around a number of town in the Province, including Dromore, selling sex.

One of the prostitutes we spoke to even claimed her service was helping to prevent men going out to rape women.

The Leader knows the address of one of the alleged brothels and has passed these details on to the police