Progress on skate park is welcomed

Carla Lockhart MLA and Cllr Paul Greenfield
Carla Lockhart MLA and Cllr Paul Greenfield

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart and Cllr Paul Greenfield have welcomed progress on the commencement of the new skate park in Banbridge’s Solitude Park area.

This has been a long awaited for facility and one that residents are keen to see up and running for the children and young people of the area. They said: “It has been a desire to see this completed as soon as possible since taking up of office and we are delighted that the pressure applied has assisted in its delivery.”

“We are delighted that progress has been made and would commend the officer concerned who has worked tirelessly to cut through the red tape caused by Rivers Agency and their concerns around flood plains.

“Planning approval was awarded at the beginning of the month and it is anticipated that there will be a 12/14 week lead in time with the contractors, and a further seven weeks for construction. We would be very hopeful that December would see its completion however weather conditions may or may not cause a change to this schedule.

“This is a great facility for the young people of the area. It is one that will help provide a safe environment for them to hang out, to keep fit and to develop their own skateboarding skills. The investment will amount to over £100,000 which is a superb investment in the town.”