Praise for young people at church

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The young members of the Sunday School at Banbridge Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church all did exceptionally well in the annual Sunday School Competition for all churches in the denomination.

Everyone put a great deal of effort, skill and imagination into their various entries, and at the annual Children’s Day Service on June 25, the Rev Norman Hutton congratulated them all on the quality of their work.

Those Banbridge members who picked up a prize were Sam Hutton, Tom Hutton, Heidi Hansen (four prizes), Luke Hansen (two prizes), Erin McCluskey (two prizes) and Natalie Forsythe.

The prizes were presented along with the annual awards at the Children’s Day Service which was led by Natalie Forsythe.

There was a great attendance of family and friends at the service.

Abbie Richardson and Erin McCluskey read the first prayers, the first reading from Matthew Chapter 4 v18-22 was by Ruby Bushby, and the Sunday School Choir gave a wonderful rendition of Colours of the Day.

Sarah Forsythe, Ellen Forsythe and Alyssa Shaw read three short passages from the Gospel of Matthew, and Mia Richardson and Heidi Hansen led the prayers of thanksgiving.

The Sunday School told the story of Moses, with every member undertaking a role with great confidence, and Mrs Doris Hutton presented the prizes.

Rev Hutton presented the Cups for Attendance and Bible Knowledge, and congratulations to this year’s winners Heidi Hansen (Attendance) and Erin McCluskey and Mia Richardson (Bible Knowledge).

As the offering was collected by Matthew and Nathan Little and Noah Hansen, Ellen Forsythe played Melody in C on the keyboard, and Caitlin Shaw read the offertory prayer.

Flowers were presented to Sunday School Superintendent Mrs Carol McAlister to thank her for all her work preparing the children for this service, and for the many years she has led the Sunday School.