‘Pop-up’ project offers Dromore youth’s-eye view

Canvastone's Frazer McCammond outlining their latest project to Dromore young people.
Canvastone's Frazer McCammond outlining their latest project to Dromore young people.

Dromore residents are to be offered a fresh perspective on their town, through the eyes of its young people.

For three days later this month a pop-up gallery in town will host an exhibition of “warts and all” images as the end result of a project rolled out by local social enterprise Canvastone.

Financially backed by Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, the project theme was one offering an interpretation of Dromore by way of photographic images presented on a range of media and accompanied by the young people’s own narratives.

At a workshop in Dromore Youth for Christ’s premises, local high school pupils, among others, collaborated with Canvastone’ volunteers David Copeland and Adam Wilson, a second-year University of Ulster photographic student and University of Ulster fine arts graduate respectiely, who were responsible for the direction and production of the project.

Canvastone’s voluntary development manager Frazer McCammond said: “Through this project we wish to give our young people the opportunity to express their view of their own town in a creative and perhaps thought-provoking way.

“It will be an opportunity for the whole community in Dromore to visualise, through creative media, the hopes and fears of our young people, to create wider understanding by the extended community of our young people as well as develop a greater sense of pride in our town.

“We will be advertising this event widely and it will a very positive contribution by our young people in promoting Dromore’s potential as a tourist destination.”

The gallery is due to open from May 26-28.