Vote endorses ‘strong, positive leadership’

UPPER Bann’s two newly-elected DUP MLAs, Sydney Anderson and Stephen Moutray, have issued a joint statement thanking the electorate for returning them to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Expressing delight at the tremendous performance of the DUP across Northern Ireland, the pair said, “We want to express our sincere thanks to the people of Upper Bann for once again returning us to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

“This election has been a magnificent success for the DUP right across Northern Ireland and represents a categoric endorsement of our party and its positive strategy for taking Northern Ireland forward.

“While this result represents an outstanding and decisive vote for the DUP, we are still very conscious of the wider unionist family.

“Unionism simply cannot afford the luxury of unionist voters staying at home and not voting. We would also appeal to other unionists to now come on board and work with us.

“Northern Ireland has given us a verdict and shown support for strong, positive leadership. There is a place for other unionists at our side. Let us now work together and continue to take Northern Ireland towards a better future.”