Security boost for district’s homes

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BANBRIDGE District Community Safety Partnership has supported the supply and fitting of approximately 200 free security upgrades to houses throughout the District through their Banbridge Secure Scheme.

These have included mortice door locks, window locks and additional equipment that helps people to feel safe within their own homes. In some cases people also have dusk to dawn lighting fitted for added security, and in one case a safe room has been fitted to a home.

Mechelle Brown, Vice Chair of the Community Safety Partnership, commented, “Banbridge Secure offers a very practical way of reducing crime and promoting household security, particularly for those who have been burgled in the past and those who may be living in isolated areas or feel vulnerable within their own homes.”

One lady who has benefited from the scheme said, “I live alone and having the extra locks fitted, makes me feel a lot safer in my own home. I was afraid that someone could break in easily. But with the extra locks having been fitted, I feel much more reassured.”

Banbridge Secure is particularly targeted at those who are most at risk of crime, anti social behaviour and domestic abuse. It is not means tested and the fitting of any equipment is carried out by Safe Partnership Limited, a fully registered organisation. The work can be carried out on all types of property, though Housing Executive or Landlord’s permission may be required, prior to the work taking place.

Banbridge Secure is funded by the Community Safety Unit and Department of Justice. Owning to the high demand for the service, additional funding was granted from Assets Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS), which means that proceeds of crime are being directed back towards a good cause. The PSNI have also contributed financially and through officer’s time in helping to further develop the scheme.”

Anyone interested in the scheme should contact Banbridge District Community Safety Partnership on 028 406 20246 or as soon as possible.