Moutray says DUP can deliver

Upper Bann DUP Assembly candidate Stephen Moutray has said that the forthcoming elections represent an opportunity to continue to build upon what has already been accomplished.

Pointing to some of the achievements of the last four years Stephen Moutray said, “We’ve provided free travel on public transport to everyone over 60 – the most generous scheme in the whole of the UK. “We have frozen the Regional Rate for three years in cash terms helping 750,000 households. We have deferred Water Charges for the entire Assembly term – giving Northern Ireland by far the lowest household taxes in the entire United Kingdom and 47% lower than the average in Great Britain. And we have given a 20 per cent discount on their rates to every person over 70 living alone.”

“On top of that we have introduced a Small Business Rate relief scheme providing £8 million help to 16,000 small businesses – and we plan to do more. We have frozen non domestic Regional Rates over the last three years in real terms. We’ve introduced free prescriptions for everyone in Northern Ireland – they’re not available in England. In difficult economic times, when heating prices were escalating, we made payments totalling £22.5 million to 150,000 households who each received a £150 household fuel payment.”

“Because of the peace and political stability we have brought jobs and significant investment from abroad. And there’s more to come.

“Politics over the next few years will be about having the ability to make agreements stick and make institutions work. The DUP has shown itself to be by far the most able to do so. Let’s keep Northern Ireland moving forward.”