McCallister praise for youth volunteers

JOHN McCallister, UUP Assembly candidate for South Down, has praised the work of the Beacon Centre in Rathfriland.

Mr McCallister attended a coffee morning on Saturday at the Beacon and said he was impressed at the turnout.

“The Beacon is a great facility for many young people in Rathfriland and their fundraiser was well supported by the local community,” he said. “The Beacon is run by a team of volunteers and I want to thank them for giving their time and energies to keep young people safe and well entertained in the evenings.

“I have attended many events in and around the Rathfriland area in recent weeks where young people are the focus.

“Youth clubs and organisations such as Girls and Boys Brigades really are a life-line to many young people, but these groups could not survive without volunteer leaders and helpers.”

Mr McCallister added, “Every week, these volunteers put their own commitments to one side to encourage, help and lead hundreds of children and teenagers.

“Through these groups our young people are able to take advantage of many exciting opportunities which will help them develop into better, more socially aware adults.”