Health not safe in DUP hands - Gardiner

UPPER Bann Assembly candidate and former Health Committee member Sam Gardiner has criticised Peter Robinson for what he called a “slur” on doctors.

The UUP candidate said, “I know that many professionals in the health service are distressed by the unremitting criticism directed by the DUP at their health service. Every Monday in Stormont brought a new health debate - each one sharply critical of the health service.

“I know these attacks hurt many health professionals because they told me so. The DUP has treated the health service as a political football. At the same time as they kept on trying to cut the health budget, they criticised health service delivery which was being damaged by their budget cuts. It was sheer hypocrisy.

“This bears out what I have been warning about all along. The health service is not safe in DUP hands. Only recently on television we heard Sammy Wilson suggest health service charges for going to see your GP or for A and E visits. Let me make it plain. The UUP is proud of our health professionals and supports the health service to the hilt, free at the point of need.”