DUP slams rival party’s “in-fighting”

DUP Council candidate for Banbridge Town Junior McCrum has claimed that the public “poster war” that has broken out between the three Upper Bann UUP Assembly candidates confirms the warnings given by the DUP over the need for unionist co-operation in the constituency.

Junior McCrum said, “Even though Sam Gardiner had a large personal vote in Waringstown the UUP hierarchy allocated it as a first preference area for Jo-Anne Dobson.

“This went down badly with many local UUP supporters who wanted to vote for Sam. In response to that unhappiness Sam put up some of his posters in the town only for them to be taken down immediately by persons unknown. He then put up some more. This time they were allowed to remain but Jo-Anne Dobson put up a new batch of her posters only on this occasion the voting order had been changed from 1 Dobson, 2 Gardiner, 3 McCusker to 1 Dobson, 2 McCusker and 3 Gardiner with Sam now relegated from second to third.

“We now have a situation where Dobson and Gardiner posters are hanging side-by-side in competition against one another.

“The sad debacle of the UUP in Waringstown is simply a reflection of the state of that party. They have no vision or strategy for Northern Ireland and are too busy fighting one another to ever fight for Northern Ireland.”