Banbridge man’s wife leading the way in Scots politics

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News from - call us with your stories on 406 62745

THE wife of a former Banbridge man has been elected Provost of Clackmannshire Council in Scotland.

Francis Murphy, whose father owned the Railway Hotel in the town’s Reilly Street and whose sister Rosaleen Paxton still runs it, has paid tribute to his wife Tina following her election as the first female in one of the highest positions on their local Scottish council

Francis and his wife moved to her native Scotland after having lived in Seaptrick since their marriage in 1967. Now retired, Francis expressed his pride in his wife after he election when the SNP ousted Labour from the top positions on Clackmannshire council.

Francis’ wife is now Provost, a position normally focused on chairing meetings, making public appearances at various events and working with outside bodies to promote the council and the local area.

He said, “I am very proud of my wife Tina’s achievement and support her wholeheartedly.”

The SNP, now the biggest party in Scotland, has called for a referendum on Scottish independence.