Police patrol ‘anti-social hotpsots’

Police have been out to tackle anti-social behaviour.
Police have been out to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Local police have been out on patrol at ‘anti-social behaviour’ hotspots as part of Operation Snapper.

According to a spokesman: “Last night local LPT crews, Neighbourhood Teams, the DST and the Burgundy TSG unit rolled out across the district hitting all the local anti-social behaviour hot spots in Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon area.

“We’re pleased to report that there was very little in the way of carry on last night, with very few alcohol seizures taking place.”

The operation will be continuing tonight and into the weekend to make sure that “anyone celebrating (or commiserating) exam results will be kept safe”.

Last time police conducted the patrols they seized hundreds of items of drink.

The spokesman said: “It would be great to have to seize none, and have no reports of ASB... time will tell!!

“Parents, it is hard, but the onus is on you to know where your kids are. All too often we see drunk teenagers abandoned by their mates and left lying in their own sick and pee.

“Those situations can turn deadly in a moment. Don’t try to be a good mate to your child. Know where they are, know that they’re safe.”