Police car targeted by traffic attendant

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A police officer has apparently fallen foul of parking restrictions in Banbridge after a traffic attendant slapped a penalty charge notice on a marked PSNI car.

The police car, which is understood to have been parked in the Downshire Place area, was on double yellow lines.

However, according to the PSNI the officer was on duty at the time, and as such, police officers are permitted to park in restricted areas while carrying out their duties.

The traffic attendant, employed by car parking enforcement firm, NSL, is currently on leave but is due to be asked by the firm about the matter on their return.

The incident is believed to have occurred last Tuesday and a picture showing the penalty charge notice on the police vehicle’s windscreen, was posted online by a rather besmused Twitter user.

The fine has been described by Councillor Jim McElroy as ‘nonsensical’.

“I have been saying for years that parking attendants should show a bit of common sense.

“This is a police officer carrying out their duties for the good of all in Banbridge. A fine should never have been issued in the first place,” he said.

A police spokesperson told the Leader, “When on official business police are permitted to park on double yellow lines.

“This vehicle was on official business and the issue has already been rectified.”

However, despite the police statement, Head of communications at NSL, Dr Brenda Webb, said the matter is still being investigated.

“We are currently looking into the issue of a police car having been issued a PCN (penalty charge notice).

“The traffic attendant in question is currently on leave, but we shall begin our inquiry upon their return,” said Dr Webb

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