‘Pimp my ride’ is much better than ‘steal my TV’

I WAS fascinated to read about the young lady who was taken to court recently for driving at 60 mph in the town centre.

How did she manage that with so many speed bumps on every lane? She didn’t get away with breaking the road traffic laws but the laws of physics were obviously a different matter.

The usual traffic situation in our town of an evening is that lines of small but highly pimped cars drive in circles in low gear.

Their young owners would presumably like to go to faster but the lack of distance between the speed bumps prevents this. Their cars are so low to the ground that even gravel could be hazardous. Restricted they may be in speed and manoeuvrability but not in sound or vision. These cars have bigger sound systems than Downtown Radio.

They are fitted out with more gadgets than a space shuttle. Also in common with a space shuttle take off happens when the driver is in a reclining position.

No one ever sees how stylish the drivers trousers or trainers are because they never get out of their cars. Their baseball caps are top of the range.

Quite often I find myself being irritated by these young drivers. I have a notion that they are foolish. I have been known to mutter mild abuse under my breath as I drive through the town at snails pace trying to listen to a worthwhile factual programme on Radio 4.

When this happens I try to catch myself on as quickly as possible. These young drivers and their passengers are really doing no harm.

They take pride in their cars, they look after them and they insure them. They care about appearance and presentation.

How much better is that to taking advantage of people’s generosity by posing as a charity collector? How much better than breaking into the homes of the elderly and infirm? Saving up to fit a TV in a car seems much less trivial when I think about those who simply steal money and TV’s.