Picking up Good Vibrations from Destination Banbridge

I’d never been to the world premier of a film until last Friday at Iveagh Movie Studios. I can now tick that off my list of things to do.

Destination Banbridge, the movie, was released and a very fine production it is too. It’s a feel good movie which could well have been called Good Vibrations had some other people not commandeered that title already.

It features a very capable ensemble cast including our Council Chief Executive Liam Hannaway, Robert Gordon of Gordon’s Chemists and Ford Arnold of Cottage Catering. The special effects budget may have been small but everyone did their own stunts.

Destination Banbridge is a promotional film highlighting the advantages to any business of locating in the Banbridge district. Major players in our local economy explain the benefits of our highly strategic location and our pleasing outlook and environment.

Significantly major players in business with interests far beyond Banbridge explain that they chose to base their businesses here.

These very astute people could have headquartered their operations almost anywhere but they chose Banbridge because of everything which the district offers in terms of suitability.

This first hand testimony will hopefully reach the ears and eyes of strangers and people who know Banbridge but have never considered it as an economic hub. The film will be widely available across social media.

It will be promoted by the Council and by elected representatives. Anyone can see it and anyone can download it, upload it or stream it, whatever all that means. Apparently it will be available as something called an app. It looks to me as if piracy is uniquely being encouraged.

Okay so Destination Banbridge is no blockbuster. Tom Cruise is unlikely to be signed up for any sequel. Everyone should make a point, though, of seeing this little promotional film. It’s a thoroughly positive experience to be reminded just how well positioned we are here and how much faith large scale operators have already had in what our district has to offer.

Watch Destination Banbridge and you’ll even find out why the Linen Mill Film and TV Studios don’t want to be anywhere near an airport or a seaport even though they are closely involved in the major international success that is Game of Thrones.