Permanent solution sought

THE Southern Health and Social Care Trust have said they are monitoring the ongoing situation in Dromore and are ensuring the needs of the residents in Skeagh House are being met.

“The Trust continues to ensure the needs of the residents who were relocated are being met,” said a spokesperson for the Trust. “Their key workers are in contact with the residents and their families. Skeagh House staff have maintained contact with the residents as they settle into their temporary placements and continue to provide additional support to staff in Crozier House.

“Regular visits also continue with those residents relocated in the independent sector care homes.”

Lagan Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson has held meetings with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Planning Service and the developers to discuss the issue in the hope of finding a long term solution to the problem. However, it remains unknown how long the work will take or when residents can return to their homes.

“Since the situation occurred, we have met with representatives of the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Banbridge District Council and the Planning Service, as well as meeting with local residents and the developer WJ Law,” said Mr Donaldson.

“In the short term work is continuing to shore up the earth bank to the rear of Skeagh House but it remains to be seen how long this will take.

“The Trust has said that residents will not be able to return to Skeagh House until they are satisfied there is no risk of the houses on Barban Hill collapsing.

“Residents in Barban Hill who have been evacuated are very concerned about this situation and we are meeting again this week with the developer to see what progress has been made and to get an idea of when residents will be able to return,” concluded Mr Donaldson.