The tall tale of Sadie the giraffe’s night out

A delighted Olivia Devaney gives her toy giraffe, Sadie a much deserved hug as Wendy Doolan from Tesco's looks on
A delighted Olivia Devaney gives her toy giraffe, Sadie a much deserved hug as Wendy Doolan from Tesco's looks on

There was one happy little girl waking up in Glascarlast Thursday morning, thanks to the kind hearted staff at Tesco at BridgeWater Retail Park.

Two-year-old Olivia Devaney, had lost her beloved cuddly toy, Sadie the giraffe, in the store earlier on Wednesday afternoon while on a short shopping trip with dad Jack.

Despite an extensive search around the shop, and car park Jack and Olivia were forced to return home empty handed.

In a last ditch effort to find the toy, mum Gillian went onto social media to find Sadie, the much treasured - and cuddled - member of the Devaney family.

She asked anyone who might have been in the shop earlier and had seen the toy to get in touch.

“I think we just thought Sadie would never be found again,” said Gillian.

“When Jack realised Olivia didn’t have Sadie in the shop, there was a real panic. Jack knew that she was dropped but where we could not tell.

“Jack was convinced that she was dropped in the car park but he searched the whole place and the toy could simply not be found.”

A disappointed Olivia, who had Sadie from birth, had to go to bed that night without her beloved toy.

Gillian said that night she could hear Olivia talk to her other toys, telling them in her toddler language, about lost Sadie.

Fearing that was the last the family would ever see Sadie, the whole family, tired of searching, went to bed exhausted.

In the early hours of Thursday morning Gillian, who is seven months pregnant, had got up but before she went to bed, she had a quick look at her Facebook page.

To her astonishment she discovered that night staff at Tesco had found Sadie, and had even taken a picture of the toy. They then made a little bed made from a tissue box for the cuddly giraffe.

A member of Tesco staff Jackie Clarke posted: “Sadie has been found.

“Nightshift is looking after her. Will leave her at Customer Services x”

“I could not believe my eyes,” said Gillian. “I went onto Facebook and there was a member of Tesco staff holding Sadie. I thought we would never see her again. I was was so excited I woke my husband to tell him that Sadie had been found.

“The staff at Tesco’s throughout were brilliant. I cannot thank them enough.

“I am sure there are lost toys in the store all the time. Not only did they find the toy but took care of it for Olivia. It was found in the car park.

“Even when Olivia went to collect the toy she did not want to leave the store because the staff were so lovely.”