Pathway may help parking problems at Scarva Primary


Councillors have expressed their concerns over traffic congestion around Scarva Primary School and are hoping plans for a pathway will help ease the problem.

It was suggested at the Environmental Services Committee meeting recently the path would lead from Scarva Park to the primary school and that without a resolution it would be simply ‘an accident waiting to happen.’

Some councillors welcomed a pathway while Scarva councillor John Hanna said that they had contacted the principal revealing just how dangerous the traffic problems are.

During the meeting, it was revealed that Scarva PS Principal Mrs Heather Lindsay, had already sent a letter to the councilhighlighting their parking problems.

Acting Chief Executive Pat Cumiskey said that the council would be willing to permit access from Scarva Park to the school but said that it would be the responsibility of the South Eastern Education and Library Board and Transport NI (Roads Service) to provide a gate and pathway from both locations.

It was revealed that a letter should be sent to the principal telling her that although the parking area at Scarva Park could be used it was the responsibility of the school and SELB to seek all necessary approvals and to fund work to facilitate access from the rear of the school to the parking area.

It was suggested at the monthly meeting, the council write to Transport NI to request Scarva Primary be considered under the Safer Route to School programme.