Open day at Petz Zone in Crumlin

Karen Lavery from Crumlin
Karen Lavery from Crumlin

Come and meet Petz Zone’s hilarious talking parrots Harry and Buddy, who will be stars at a special open day, in Crumlin on Saturday.

Harry, is a Blue and gold Macaw and Buddy, a rose crested Galah will entertain you with their special skills.

The charming Buddy, is always keen to sit on your shoulder and ask you for a kiss. He will also ask you wheres your cough, while coughing himself.

Harry, the shop’s mascot for nearly four years now will perform trick for you and say things like ‘Hello’ and ‘What’s the Craic?’

You can also see Coco, the umbrella Cockatoo who has just arrived at the store.

The special open day is held at Petz Zone, a pet store in Crumlin which is celebrating its fifth birthday on Saturday.

The event will help raise money for Petz Zone Animal Charities and will run from 9am to 5pm.

Pet Zone, specialises in hand reared baby parrots, from the smallest talking Paralet to the larger Macaw.

Customers will get the chance to win super prizes from a draw.

A weekend for two worth £250 could be won when you spend £25 and over on the day.

The second prize is a years supply of Pedigree Dentastix or Cat Dentastix when you spend over £10 on any pedigree product. The third prize is a luxury new dog bed, when you spend £5 in store and a bag of doggie goodies.

There will be lots of hundreds of free gifts for both adults and children. Sponsors of the event are James Wellbelloved, Royal Canin, R.F Canners and Glenkrag Pet wholesalers.

There will also be a trombola stand with lots of super prizes to be won.

There will also be money off vouchers available for dog and cat foods Burns Redmills Science Plan, Whistlers Canin Feedwell (free 2.5 kg with a 15 kg).