DUP demands apology over ‘inexcusable’ TUV remarks

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There has been a war of words between the DUP and TUV over comments made about the Upper Bann MP David Simpson.

In a statement the DUP described as ‘inexcusable’ remarks made by Roy Ferguson of the TUV, in last week’s paper, about the MP who had been recovering in hospital from surgery.

A party spokesperson said the TUV showed no ‘respect’ or ‘integrity’ over its remarks made towards against Mr Simpson who had not voted on the controversial DNA Baby Proposal.

The Leader had been asked by the TUV to withdraw their comments but the paper had already gone to print.

A spokesperson for the DUP said, “It was rather difficult for Mr Simpson to vote on such an issue as he was in the Royal Victoria Hospital. As a party it is important that the health of our elected representatives is to the forefront of work.

“The TUV were made aware of Mr Simpson’s health prior to Mr Ferguson’s statement yet, he continued in his attempt to launch an attack on the DUP.

“It is important to note that Mr Ferguson’s statement is almost identical to the statement that his party leader, Mr Allister released. The TUV either have major internal communication problems or they will continue to drive down any avenue to launch an attack on both David Simpson and the DUP.

“The party would call on Mr Ferguson to apologise for this futile remark. David Simpson MP has returned to Westminster and is continuing to fight for his voters.”