Pastor praises centre staff for leak bail-out

A Dromore pastor has poured praise on staff at the town’s community centre after they bailed out members of his leaking church.

Pastor Steven Neill of Dromore Elim wrote to The Leader to thank community centre staff for bending over backwards to provide alternative accommodation when the Bridge Street church sprung a leak.

Mr Neill publicly commended staff for what he called “the excellent service” received during Dromore Elim’s enforced exodus to the council facilities for Sunday Services in September, October and November. “As a result of a water leak at our premises on Bridge Street,” he said, “the church was forced to seek alternative accommodation at short notice in August.

“On approaching the centre staff, led by Liz Doak, the church leadership team was impressed and reassured by their desire to help and by their understanding of the difficulties associated with our change of venue.

“As final arrangements were made we also appreciated their ongoing flexibility and patience in helping us to iron out technical and logistical issues.

“Throughout our time at the centre we have found the staff on duty to be unfailingly reliable and accomodating and happy to do anything in their power to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable.”

One staff member exemplified the efforts made. “The quality of the service is perhaps best illustrated,” said Mr Neill, “by the willingness of one staff member who took the initiative to travel in his own time to boost the heating at 7am on a particularly wintry Sunday morning.

“The staff’s good humour, approachability, flexibility and warmth were also widely noted and appreciated by our congregation. In short, they were a pleasure to work with.

“In the current climate, where public services are routinely criticised and ridiculed, we feel Dromore Community Centre’s example of excellence should be not only recognised but celebrated. It is a credit both to the town of Dromore and to the wider community.”