Parking ticket for 90-year-old was given out in error

The car was issued a ticket
The car was issued a ticket

A 90-year-old man who was given a parking ticket when he was unable to move his car following an accident has had the fine scrapped after the Leader flagged the issue to the Department of Regional Development (DRD).

Locals were outraged when they heard a traffic warden had put a ticket onto the car of the elderly man who was unable to move it after being involved in a collision.

The incident which occurred on Friday, October 25, resulted in the elderly man’s vehicle’s steering arm snapping.

A passerby who gave assistance to the man explained: “This car was not able to move as the steering arm was snapped. On the day the Traffic Warden did not give out a ticket as she was told about it.

“On Saturday a different Traffic Warden put a ticket on his car which had been bounced by myself and a police man off the road into a disabled parking space.”

He continued: “This was ridiculous- clearly there had been no communication between the traffic wardens but it was clear to see that the car had been involved in 
 a collision.”

The news of the parking fine got Leader readers talking with one saying: “Traffic wardens have no common sense, hopefully they will reverse the fine when they hear why it was in the disabled space in the first place!

A NSL spokesperson, the company contracted by DRD to provide on-the-ground enforcement said: “We acknowledge that on the second day the damaged car was parked in the disabled parking bay a Penalty Charge Notice was issued in error.

“This was due to an internal communications issue and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to the driver.

“Once the error was detected the PCN was cancelled, We are in the process of contacting the motorist to inform him the PCN is null and void.”