Park vandals strike again to put brakes on cycle track

Alderman Paul Rankin.
Alderman Paul Rankin.

Vandals plaguing Dromore’s town Park have put the brakes on its planned new cycle pump track.

The new facility is not yet completed but has already suffered damage.

The local council reports vandals recently damaged toilets and fencing, delaying completion of the cycle track and so “preventing the local community from enjoying a new addition to their park”.

Dromore Councillor, Alderman Paul Rankin, said this week that having camaigned for some time to have the park’s facilities upgraded, he was disappointed by the latest in a long line of antii-social behaviour reports.

“Anti-social activity in Dromore Park is nothing new,” he said.

“There are continual reports of lights being broken and lifebelts being thrown into the water.

“It certainly isn’t peculiar because of this time of the year and it’s an issue the council is struggling to deal with.

“It is so disappointing to hear that there has been more damage.

“I have been lobbying for an upgrade in facilities and to have the toilets re-opened and news that there has been more vandalism doesn’t help my case.

“When these young people continue to cause damage in the park it causes delays in getting the required upgrades and this needs to be dealt with.

“Police are aware of the anti-social behaviour but they can’t be there 24/7 and there are issues about putting cameras up in the area.

“I would encourage anyone who knows or can identify whoever is doing this to report them to the police.

“We need the public’s help and co-operation; it can’t just be put upon the police and council.”

A council spokesperson likewise called for public vigilance over the holiday period and appealed for any incidents of anti-social behaviour to be reported to police on the non-emergency number - 101.