Over 50s club being formed in Gilford needs your help

A 50+ Club is being formed in Gilford, and organisers are appealing for public support to get it off the ground.

At the last Gilford Concerned Residents Group public meeting, one resident voiced an interest in an over 50s club in the town.

The suggestion quickly had other residents agreeing, it would be a very good idea.

Mary Quinn, vice chairperson of the GCRG, along with Pat Millar, also a member of the GCRG, took the suggestion further, and alongside Patricia Derby and Margaret Johnston held the first meeting of the Gilford 50+ Club.

A meeting with Sarah McNeill, Community Development Officer for Banbridge District Council, and Alan Wilson, manager, Gilford Community Centre was very productive, with Sarah and Alan being able to offer great advice and ideas.

But as with every great idea they also need the support of the public behind them to ensure this venture is a success.


On February 4 there will be an open public meeting in Gilford Community Centre 7pm-8pm.

Those who attend will be given an Expression of Interest form to fill out.

On the form people can give an indication of which day and time suits them best, and also a list of activities which may be of interest to them.

There will also be the opportunity to express an interest in joining the committee as well.

It is hoped there will be an equal amount of interest from both men and women and all communities, so don’t forget Tuesday, February 4, and join what could be a great club!