Open meeting call over Dromore park pump track plans

Dromore cyclists pumped up about plans for a new facility in town are being offered the chance to help steer its course.

Banbridge District Council is inviting members of the public to attend an open meeting to discuss the proposed new cycle pump track.

The meeting is to take place in Dromore Youth Club (based at Dromore High School) from 5-7pm next Wednesday, November 27. Those attending will have the chance to view the design for the planned new cycle pump track facility and air their views.

For the uninitiated, pump tracks are man-made bicycle circuits designed to facilitate riding without pedalling.

Riders use their body to push down, or ‘pump’, into dips in the track and pull up before the crest of a mound, thereby converting gravitational force and downward thrust into speed.

Pump tracks were first designed by professional bike racers to advance their skills and racing times.

Today, pump tracks can be found worldwide and are typically enjoyed by riders of all levels.

The Dromore track is proposed as an addition to the town park and the district council is hailing it as an exciting development.

Gillian Dewart, Banbridge council’s Sports Development Officer, said, “Local people with an interest in cycling are invited to come along to this meeting to see the proposed design and have their views heard on this exciting new sports facility for Dromore.”

For further information about the meeting please contact Banbridge District Council Leisure and Development Department on 028 4066 0605.