Bann Fitness keen to get you in shape this Christmas

WITH Christmas just weeks away and the party season in full swing the team at Bann Fitness are eager to get you in shape ready for some festive fun.

The exercise studio at Castlewellan Road, which opened at the beginning of October, aims to provide a comfortable environment for people who may not have much experience with exercise to date.

Martin McCrory, who runs the business with his partner Natasha, said they set out with the idea of providing at alternative for people who may be intimidated by gyms.

“We want to create an environment that is comfortable for people who have never really exercised before,” said Martin. “We are very much focussed on tailoring the experience for people. During our exercise classes we ask people what kind of music they want or if there is a particular artist they might want to hear and then we do our best to provide that. We like to change it up every few weeks to keep it fresh for people.”

Bann Fitness provides classes in pilates, aerobics and the very popular kettleball - an exercise calss using weights which is one of the most popular classes so far, Martin said.

From December 12 the studio will laso provide spinning and soon zumba classes will begin too. “We have people coming two or three nights a week,” said Martin, “It’s proving very popular and I think people like to know they are supporting two local business people.”

Bann Fitness, which began its life in a unit at the Outlet in May this year, has “mushroomed” into something to be proud of, Martin said.

“We are very grateful to the Outlet for supporting us at the very beginning,” he said. “We are doing well at the minute and hope to progress further with plans for pre-natal classes and exercise activities for senior citizens too.”