Odds are off for a white Christmas

It looks like Santa will have an easy ride this year as Banbridge bookmakers predict we will be snow free on Christmas day., writes Barbara Fegan.

A white Christmas is only recorded when snow falls at Aldergrove and bookies suggest this is unlikely to happen as milder temperatures are due to set in this week.

Claire Taggart, Manager of A McClean bookmakers said that the odds are at 4-1 to snow, and although they have had a few bets placed on it so far they should pick up towards the end of the week.

She said: “It looks like we will not have a white Christmas, this bet is not huge for us, and people normally just put on a couple of quid.”

Mark McQuoid, Manager of Toals bookmakers agreed with Claire, suggesting that: “There is a good chance there will be no snow this Christmas and Santa will not be needing his reindeers.”

Toals odds are 5-1 for snow to fall at the airport and 1-9 that it will not.

Mark also said that the white Christmas flutter is not very popular for them and people are too busy betting on horses and football.

So for those of us dreaming of a white Christmas, it looks like it will only be a dream and not reality on the big day.