Now is the day of our Salvation

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IN a few days time people will be going to our Polling Stations to vote for their chosen candidates for to take up their posts in our local councils.

Many leaflets and literature have past through our letter-boxes. Some would say the only time such candidates are ever seen around their areas is when they require to have their X vote.

When the time comes when all the votes are counted I am sure many will feel anxious as to how people have used their vote. Have they been successful or unsuccessful?

Many left disappointed as they lost their vote and others excited about their names being retained on the Council Register.

I can say to these men and women the things which they are engaged in are quite legitimate, perfectly lawful indeed we might say. Very essential but have they allowed these things to engross their minds that they have no leisure to think of the most important things. The Things of Life to Come.

Dear Reader, people have missed out on the one thing needful. It is essential for each individual in the light of these solemn words should we not endeavours to ascertain what this “One Thing” is, and having discovered what it is to lay ourselves out by every means in our power to secure it.

No matter what else we may miss we should make sure we don’t miss the One Thing Needful in our needs as in this present life there is great variety. You may badly need a certain thing for which another has got no need whatsoever and that other person may sorely require something that would not appeal to you at all, and so on in endless variety.

But let me bring your thoughts as to the world to come there the greatest common need every person born into this world needs it, it is absolutely essential, “Do I Hear you say, ‘What Is It?’”.

Dear Reader it is not any of these things that the world sets great value upon. It is not a great store of learning, many I say have gone through the world and could not have written or even read their own names, yet they are in Heaven because they received the one thing needful and that is the Salvation of their never dying souls.

When we turn to Gods word we read in Luke chpt 16 about the rich man which was clothed in purple and fine linen and fared sumptuously every day, he forgot about God and he had no time to think of his eternal destination. We read in verse 22 that he died and was buried and in verse 23 in Hell he lifted up his eyes being in torment (A Christ Rejecter).

Then we read also in Luke chpt 16 of a beggar man named Lazarus who laid full of sores at the rich mans gats who fed himself from the crumbs which fell from the rich mans table, the very dogs came and licked his sores. Verse 22 And it came to pass that the beggar died, and because he ad the assurance of this own personal experience of sins forgiven he could recall a time and a place when he rested his all on the atonement work of Calvary . Read (1st Timothy 1 v 15), (John 3 v 16), (Hebrews 2 v 3), (John 3 v 14 & 15) and (Romans 10 v 9).

He was saved, v22 says he was carried by the angels into Abrahams bosom, what a peaceful end to the poor beggar to be with Christ in Heaven for all eternity, all because he received the one thing needful and that was look of faith to Christ dying on the cross for his sins. Dear Reader I would like you to consider this one thing needful essential.

If ever you are going to join the beggar in heaven make sure you have the one thing “Needful” and that is the Salvation of your never dying soul. God offers Salvation to you but only at this present moment for death may come unexpected and wouldn’t it be very sad if this would happen, and to find out when it is too late. Hebrews 2 v 3 reads “How shall we escape if we neglect so great Salvation”. Salvation without Money, Salvation with Price, Salvation without Labour, Believing doth Suffice, Salvation without Moment! Then Why o Why Delay? You may not see tomorrow, Now is Salvations Day. Joshua 24 v 15 Choose you this day whom you will serve.

If any Leader Reader requires free literature or a Bible please feel free to call Mrs Myrtle Beggs on 028 38 820874.