No price is too high to protect our children

Jo-Anne Dobson and Lana Wells campaigning for Meningitis
Jo-Anne Dobson and Lana Wells campaigning for Meningitis

Local politicians who have been standing alongside the Wells family in their campaign to make the MenB vaccine available on the NHS, have welcomed the recent decision.

Ulster Unionist MLA Jo-Anne Dobson has been committed to Lana and her efforts since the loss of little Leo in 2010.

Mrs Dobson said: “Lana, Karl and parents across Northern Ireland were not prepared to sit quietly and take no for an answer and I am proud to have helped them achieve this victory which will help save lives.

“Lana is an absolute inspiration and I firmly believe that without her unstoppable determination and unshakable belief in this cause we would not be welcoming this news today. Both Lana and Karl, through the loss of their beloved son Leo, have achieved so much in his name for families across the country by fundraising and campaigning in little Leo’s memory.”

Lana has been grateful to Jo-Anne Dobson for her support and said: “Jo-Anne has gone well beyond the political call of duty for us as a family and for the campaigners and she has worked tirelessly for us behind the scenes. As a family she has shown to us that she truly cares.

“Jo-Anne is not just a politician - we are proud to call her our friend and we thank her from the bottom our hearts.”

Also heavily involved in the campaign and devoted to helping the Wells family, was Upper Bann MP David Simpson. He said: “This was an emotionally driven campaign. The lives of many families in my own constituency have been turned upside down by this disease, which motivated me to get behind parents and encourage Mr Hunt to see sense and provide the vaccine on the NHS.

“The Government were heavily lobbied by parents and Meningitis organisations. I am delighted that all our efforts have paid off as the Health Secretary has accepted that the lives of children are more important than economic arguments.

“Since the Vaccine was licensed for use, around 600 Meningitis B cases could have been avoided. So this news will be widely welcomed by parents across the United Kingdom”.